フランスより1870年代のS.SHOBEY室内 着 [2011/5/15 その他 記述者:店主]

フランスのパリか ら1870年代に横浜から輸出されたドレッシングガウンが椎野正兵衛商店に帰って来ま した。
当時日本でドレスやガウン、スモーキングジャケット、などの服飾品を製造 販売し輸出していた椎野正兵衛商店の主力商品のドレッシングガウンです。
その当 時の女性の外出着はコルセットなどで締め付ける物が多く、家に戻ってからおしゃれな室 内着に着替えるのが上流社会のファッションでした。
開港(1859年)当時から 服飾品を作っていた椎野正兵衛商店のこのような製品はフランス、アメリカ、イギリスな ど西洋でS.SHOBEYブランドとして絶賛されました。その特徴は、当時フランスで最も美 しい形のスタイルだったドレスを絹と真綿で作りドレスに日本刺繍を施した物で当時は納 期が3年待ちの状態でした。

After a long journey, a dressing gown made and exported from Yokohama by S.Shobey in the 1870’s dress finally returned home from Paris, France.
Dressing gowns were one of the major products amongst other items such as accessories, dresses, gowns, and smoking jackests that S.Shobey made, sold, and exported.
Back then, noble women wore a tight corset under their dress when they went out. After they came home, they changed and relaxed in one of their comfortable and fashionable dressing gowns.
S.Shobey had already started making dressing gowns since Japan opened its doors to the world in the year 1859, and its dressing gowns were highly admired as S.Shobey goods in countries such as France, the USA, and the UK. S.Shobey’s dressing gowns were designed in shapes that were considered the most beautiful in France at the time. They were made out of silk with the highest quality Japanese embroidery, which made them outstanding in every way. Customers who ordered had to wait for three years until they received their own dressing gown from S.Shobey.