花鳥図ストールとバッグ [2011/5/8 その他 記述者:店主]

当店明治初期のデザ イン帳より狩野派の画家の描いた『花鳥図』のきめ細やかな線を伝統の横浜捺染で仕上 げ、合わせ色のストールとバッグを作りました。
当時のこのような製品は世界の ジャポニズムを形成し、高い評価と羨望をもたらしました。
完成された日本の美意 識はジャポニズムの源泉であり、敬意を持って今日迄その評価をされています。

日本の美を装いに、伝統と文化に敬意を持ち、静かな誇りと気品を大切に したいと思って制作しました。

S.Shobey would like to introduce to you its new products, stoles and bags with a flower-and-bird painting by a painter from the Kano School of Japanese very traditional painting. The painting is one of the drawings found in the Shobey Shiino’s design book in the early Meiji era (the late 19th century). The stoles and bags are finished with Yokohama’s traditional methods of textile printing for their delicate designs to be realized. Color variations of the stoles completely match the ones of the bags so that they can be used in pairs.
At the time of Shobey Shiino, products like these influenced the western countries forming Japonism there, and they were greatly admired and sought after. The strong sense of beauty that Japanese people had back then was an origin of Japonism and is still respedted around the world.
These stoles and bags represent S.Shobey’s respect toward Japanese sense of beauty, tradition, and culture along with its dedicatin to quiet dignity and grace that Japanese people have valued for a long time.