英国女王陛下への献上と礼状の拝受 [2017/1/1 コラム 記述者:店主]



We are pleased to announce some very good news for the New Year.
In October 2016, we were honoured to send a number of S. Shobey silk products to Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second.
The items sent consisted of one silk bag, one silk organza stole, two silk stoles, two silk scarves, one silk organza fan and one silk handkerchief, making a total of eight items.
The relationship between the S. Shobey Silk Store and the British royal family dates back about 140 years ago when, in 1877, Queen Victoria became the Empress of India. That year our founder, Shobey Shiino, was commissioned to produce an exquisitely embroidered silk coat of arms for the occasion. After several recent interactions with Buckingham Palace, we were very happy to learn that Her Majesty was willing to accept these gifts from us. We learned about the favourite colours of Her Majesty and selected the above-mentioned eight items based on the vivid colors Her Majesty is fond of and on October 23, 2016, the items were sent. We were very grateful to receive a personal thank you note from Buckingham Palace on December 16th, 2016, saying that Her Majesty was very happy to receive these special items.